Anamorphosis. From the idea to design. From conception to construction. From "I want" to "I experience". From imagination to everyday living.

Our fascination in Schεma3 is to shape and model our customers’ desires and needs into their daily living dream.

Living, working, as well as, recreational spaces, affect and reshape our mood, our mentality. The way we perceive reality.

Together with our distinguished partners and suppliers around the world, we undertake creation of a magestic journey for our customers. We support them in fulfilling their fantasy of living. Every perspective and every point of view moving inside the space, provides for a sensation of freshness and beauty.

We embrace the ‘new’, to create beautiful and innovative solutions. Everything around you can change in order to suit your needs. We can make it happen and you will watch, experience and feel the process that will lead you to better living conditions, exactly what you deserve.